Nordic Cuisine

Nordic Cuisine

Nordic Cuisine has a distinctive environment, fauna, flora, seasons and climate.

Nordic Cuisine reflects the inland waters, land, soil, air and the sea.

Nordic cuisine is really about the geographical environment of the Nordic region, the habitat of the land has adjusted and adapted to the many extreme climate changes over the many tens of thousands of years to present the many varieties of berries, mushrooms, vegetables, plants, trees, the freshwater fish of the inland lakes and game birds and game animals that humans have consumed for their food and nutritional needs for a very long time.  Watch the above video for more information about the Nordic Cuisine.

The freshwater rivers

The fresh water rivers of the far north Nordic region are in most part clean and fresh, they really are unique picture going back in time to when the global warming melted the Ice Age some 8 000 BC.  The ice melted and there was a lot of runoff fresh water from the very thick slab of ice, at some places it was 2000 meters thick over the far north Gulf of Bothnia. Gulf of Bothnia.

Nordic cuisine
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The Land

The land bears many marks from the Ice Age, the many small lakes and ponds are also a reminder of the imprints that the Ice Age left behind in a relatively short time ago Geologically.

The most predominant influences on Finland’s geography were the continental glaciers that scoured and gouged the country’s surface. When the glaciers receded about 10,000 years ago, they left behind moraines, drumlins, and eskers. Other indications of their presence are the thousands of lakes they helped to form in the southern part of the country. The force of the moving ice sheets gouged the lake beds, and melt waters helped to fill them. –Wikipedia.

Nordic cuisine
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The soils and the vegetation.

The soils vary from a sandy soil of the West Coast to Inland, East Finland, and Northern Finland. Obviously, the climate also plays a part in forming the fauna and flora that ends up in the soil over time. The West coast inland ten of more kilometers is very sandy, due to the sea being over the land for many tens of kilometers many thousands of years ago. Flat land that resembles wide ancient river beds has been turned into useful farming land and forest plantations where the ancients berry plants continue to thrive as they have thrived for tens of thousands of years.

Nordic cuisine
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  1. A 2 minute picture animated information video on the Nordic region. A
    brief quick overview of the ingredients that are the main fauna &/ flora,
    and the food chain roots of the Nordic region. Initially it is the
    spinning planet that travels through the space of the universe teasing the
    inhabitants of the planet with the warmth and the life giving light rays of
    the sun. Then on the surface of the planet the biodiversity with the fauna
    and flora develops and adapts to the seasonal changes governed by the orbit
    axis of the planet and the oxygen filled atmosphere, over a long time
    period of many thousands of years.
    Then eventually the early pioneers explore and venture into the area and
    discover food to live on and they then settle there for as long as the land
    supports their everyday needs.
    Nordic Cuisine Focus 

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