Nordic cuisine roots

Nordic cuisine roots and the early modern history of Lapland in Finland.

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Nordic cuisine roots are deep in the soil of the land and the waterways

Nordic cuisine roots in  north Finland are deep in the biodiversity of the environment, the marshes, clean fresh water streams, peat swamps, small crystal clean tundra ponds, lakes and rivers.  The thriving natural environment of fauna and flora facilitates a platform for the fish, for the game birds and all the animals that make it their seasonal habitat to live in, the game birds stay throughout the year and it is only the migration birds that migrate south for the winter.  The far north environment hibernates during the long winter season but surprisingly it comes back with a flowering spring season, full of life in the late spring summer season, promising and offering the migration birds with a rich environment for feeding on mosquitoes.  It is the mosquitos that lures the birds to fly many thousands of kilometers north for their nesting season and for a mega feast of insects, earthworms, berries, mushrooms and bugs, no bird goes hungry during the summer season.

Nordic cuisine roots
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Look back in history to the early people of current Lapland

The Fennoscandia was populated by Nomadic peoples, that travelled light and used reindeer for carting their luggage, firewood and other supplies that they needed in the various seasons. The summer season was favourable to be down at the low altitude of the Arctic Sea, fish to be caught and harvested when the sea waters were accessible without the intense labor of hacking through thick ice. Reindeers are nomadic by nature like so many other grazing animals that they go where the natural environment provides food at the given time.  The growth of plants and grass can be affected by the position to the sun and shade, rainfall and a wind, and the nature of the soils.  A deep topsoils with a groundcover will support life even if the water drains and evaporates over time, the reindeer’s like to feed on mushrooms during the late summer and the autumn season. . The melting of the winter snow and ice does affect the water levels in the rivers and creeks that are often governed by watersheds. Nordic cuisine roots can be traced right back to the previous ice age some 10 000 years ago. It is the natural environment that provides food that support life, it is the fauna and flora that adapts to the climate and the seasonal changes.  It was the early nomadic peoples, the indigenous and the early pioneers that walked and travelled on the planet looking for better feeding grounds, climate-friendly homes and natural supplies that would keep them and their families alive towards the unknown future.


Nordic cuisine roots
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