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Glow baked salmon

Glow baked salmon naturally

Glow baked salmon is called “loimulohi” in Finland (loimu =glow, lohi=salmon), it is a traditional cooking method that is both practical and very effective way to get a high quality caramelized surface to a large salmon filet.

The cooking equipment needed to prepare the glow bakes salmon are very minimal.

glow baked salmon
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Cooking equipment and utensils.

  • Knife to filet the fish
  • salt
  • wooden blank and large 2-inch nails
  • extra piece of timber or rocks to support the plank almost vertical
  • firewood and kindling
  • matches to light the fire

Slow cooking method

Glow baked salmon is a slow cooking method that takes about 60-90 minutes for a large filet of salmon to caramelize on the surface, the highlight of the cooking method is the golden brown caramelized surface of the fish filet.

glow baked salmon
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How to prepare the fish and the fireplace

  1. Salmon is fileted and the filet salted for about 2 hours.
  2. The fire can be made well in advance so that there is a steady glowing of heat from the wood coals.
  3.   The salmon is then nailed to a flat timber plank with the flesh outwards.
  4. Work out the distance from the fire to the plank, by placing your hand there for 20 seconds without burning it. Remember. It is a slow cooking method.
  5. The plank is then set up slightly leaning out of the vertical position so that the heat from the fire is reached all over the filet surface.
  6. You may need an extra piece of timber or use natural rocks to hold the plank in a vertical position.
  7. Once the fish flesh heats up it will begin to weep natural fats, every 20 minutes turn the plank upside down so that the fat is distributed over the flesh and helps to caramelize the filet. keep turning the plank until the fish is fully caramelized and cooked.
  8. You may serve the cooked salmon according to the occasion, if it is simply a fishing camping trip then rye bread with cucumber, tomato and salad is fine. If it is more of a dinner setting then serve it with boiled potatoes, tomato, cucumber and red onion salad with lemon vinaigrette.

Glow baked salmon enjoyed in the wild outdoors setting

Glow baked salmon is great because it is a very practical cooking method outdoors and the results is absolutely superb, the salmon fish is highly prized especially when camping outdoors in the wild and catching while being adventurous.

Here is a video link from the Baltic Herring festival that i visited in the Autumn of  2014. Baltic Herring festival Pori 2014.  There you can see the high quality caramelized glaze on the salmon filet being demonstrated.  The flambe seen in the video is done using Cognac liqueur for additional classic European flavors.

glow baked salmon
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